Build a Crowd Outside Your Door

Marketing in the car business has become more confusing than anything else. There are a slew of options for advertising and most will not work for your business. If you know the right way to go about it and know the pitfalls, it can be predictable… even engineered. Let’s talk this through.

Why can it be predictable? To start, car guys are predictable. Most of them are open books and behave similarly. They like to talk about their cars, show their cars, tell you what they have done to their cars and what they will do next. Few industries have the advantage of marketing to an audience like this, so let’s all feel good about that.

With some good news often comes some bad news. And here it is: There are too many options for getting in front of cars guys. This is the root of the confusion. Like most marketing, a majority of the options will have a horrible ROI.   

Traditional advertising like magazine ads, trade organizations newsletters, car shows and broadcast are ok for branding and modest response, but they are not going to make your phone ring or email inbox come alive. These marketing methods are very hard to measure for success and you have to be more committed and consistent than most can afford to be.

So let’s talk about digital marketing methods. Most car-related businesses have a website, many do some basic email marketing and some dabble in digital advertising like Google, LinkedIn or Facebook. Nowadays, the idea is that you can do most of these yourself. You can build your own site with Wix or Squarespace. You can send newsletters via Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. Facebook LinkedIn and Google will even try to make you feel like you can do it yourself… but you shouldn’t. There is a learning curve and a ceiling you will hit (fast) unless you have analytical marketing skills. In the end, the only advantage is that you can track you terrible ROI.

The best option is to “build a crowd outside your door.” You can engineer an ideal audience that will generate customers. It’s call lead nurturing and scoring. While it sounds complicated, it is rather simple.

Across the largest and most sophisticated industries, marketing experts are tracking your every move. They are tracking what emails you open, what you click on and what content you are reading. These activities produce analytics that allow them to categorize you and then score you. What does your score tell them? It tells them what you are likely to buy and when you are ready to make the purchase. This is lead nurturing and scoring. You are their lead and they are scoring you. It’s pure gold for marketing and growing sales.

The good news is that lead programs like this are becoming available to business below the enterprise level. The results are predictable and engineered. You can build a list of car owners who own the exact year, make and model that you are targeting. You can even select where they live. Most important, they are scored so you know when they are ready to be your next customer.

At Block Chaser, we offer our Partner Program to bring this very targeted and predictable marketing service to the collector car industry. Let us know if we can build an audience outside your door. Check out our webinar for more information or feel free to schedule a free strategy call to see if your business is a fit.  



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